Thursday, April 29, 2010


In the writting mood...
Hmm I'll right a poem :)

But you don't even know
By Rose Wallace

I see your smile everyday
The smile that gets me away from all the stress
But you don't even know

You sing me to sleep every night
I listen to your sweet voice as I doze off
But you don't even know

I laugh at your stupid jokes
The ones that people say are for dopes
But you don't even know

But one time...
I told you I loved you
And that... You will never know

Monday, April 26, 2010


What did you do when Miley Cyrus left twitter, I laughed as I saw the world in uproar, others were sad, others started disliking Miley... But one stands out from the rest..... Killing their cat. One day a Miley Cyrus fan heard Miley was quitting Twitter and went on a rampage, blackmailing and bullying Miley. She set a deadline of Novemember 16, 2009 when she would kill her cat, AND EAT IT..... As this girl hoped Miley didn't come back to Twitter, and Fluffy's life was lost on November 23, 2009... As she said she ate Fluffy and doesn't feel bad and thinks this is normal... I think this is down right evil! Who agrees?!??


People say mono is HIV for losers who can't get to 3rd base, seriously? I'd much rather have mono than HIV, even though having mono sucks I would be quite embarassed to tell my friends I have an HIV it already is crappy having them ask where I got mono because I got it from my best friend who is a girl! We shared a drink but everyone thinks we are lesbian! Ahhh at home now about to take a nap.
Thanks for reading